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Issue 3,  Volume 45, 1995 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

385-392 Certain cubic multigraphs and their upper embeddability.  Nebeský, Ladislav
393-412 Convex automorphisms of partial monounary algebras.  Jakubíková-Studenovská, D.
413-433 Oscillation of solutions of forced neutral differential equations of $n$-th order.  Parhi, N.; Mohanty, P. K.
435-441 Unique covering on radical classes of $\ell$-groups.  Zhang, Yue Hui
443-448 Asymptotic properties of third order delay differential equations.  Džurina, Jozef
449-455 Edge-domatic numbers of directed graphs.  Zelinka, Bohdan
457-464 On some operational representations of $q$-polynomials.  Khan, Mumtaz Ahmad
465-472 A Hake-type property for the $\nu_1$-integral and its relation to other integration processes.  Jurkat, W. B.; Nonnenmacher, D. J. F.
473-480 On complete $MV$-algebras.  Jakubík, Ján
481-490 Reducing real almost-linear second-order partial differential operators in two independent variables to a canonical form.  Kozera, Ryszard
491-493 A characterization of geodetic graphs.  Nebeský, Ladislav
495-502 On the orbits of an operator with spectral radius one.  van Neerven, J. M. A. M.
503-516 On adjoining units to hyper-archimedean $l$-groups.  Conrad, Paul; Martinez, Jorge
517-528 Generalized couplings.  Pták, Vlastimil
529-548 Connections on some functional bundles.  Cabras, Antonella; Kolář, Ivan
549-562 A descriptive definition of some multidimensional gauge integrals.  Faure, Claude-Alain
563-570 Visibilities and sets of shortest paths in a connected graph.  Nebeský, Ladislav
571-576 Affine completeness of complete lattice ordered groups.  Jakubík, Ján
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