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Issue 4,  Volume 46, 1996 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

577-586 On uniform paracompactness.  Buhagiar, D.; Pasynkov, B.
587-597 Quantum logics representable as kernels of measures.  Navara, Mirko
599-605 Some inclusion theorems for absolute summability.  Orhan, C.; Çakar, Ö.
607-624 Some topological properties preserved by nearness between operators and applications to P.D.E.  Tarsia, Antonio
625-627 A characterization of polarities whose polar lattice is orthomodular.  Zapatrin, Roman R.
629-664 Decidability of weak equational theories.  Szymański, Robert
665-675 Some characteristics of the edge distance between graphs.  Hrnčiar, Pavel; Haviar, Alfonz; Monoszová, Gabriela
677-695 On the structure and arithmetic of finitely primary monoids.  Geroldinger, Alfred
697-719 Finite monogenic distributive systems.  Sesboüé, André
721-732 Principal convergences on lattice ordered groups.  Jakubík, Ján
733-744 Ideals and congruence kernels of algebras.  Chajda, I.; Rosenberg, I. G.
745-767 On half lattice ordered groups.  Jakubík, Ján
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