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Issue 1,  Volume 48, 1998 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

1-20 Bounds on the subdominant eigenvalue involving group inverses with applications to graphs.  Kirkland, Stephen J.; Neumann, Michael; Shader, Bryan L.
21-29 On ideals and congruences in BCC-algebras.  Dudek, Wiesław A.; Zhang, Xiaohong
31-43 Homomorphisms between $A$-projective Abelian groups and left Kasch-rings.  Albrecht, Ulrich; Jeong, Jong-Woo
45-53 Interpolation theorems for a family of spanning subgraphs.  Zhou, Sanming
55-64 Characterizations of absolute $F_{\sigma\delta}$-sets.  Junnila, H. J. K.; Künzi, H. P. A.
65-76 On a bound on algebraic connectivity: the case of equality.  Kirkland, Stephen J.; Neumann, Michael; Shader, Bryan L.
77-83 On operators with the same local spectra.  Torgašev, Aleksandar
85-94 Compact attractor for weakly damped driven Korteweg-de Vries equations on the real line.  Laurençot, Ph.
95-103 On Lipschitz conditions for ordinary differential equations in Fréchet spaces.  Herzog, Gerd
105-118 Small idempotent clones. I.  Dudek, Józef
119-133 Local properties of accessible injective operator ideals.  Oertel, Frank
135-144 Some cardinal characteristics of ordered sets.  Novák, Vítězslav
145-171 Distributional derivatives of functions of two variables of finite variation and their application to an impulsive hyperbolic equation.  Idczak, Dariusz
173-176 Weak baer modules localized with respect to a torsion theory.  Rim, Seog-Hoon; Teply, Mark L.
177-183 Sixty years of professor František Neuman.  Došlý, Ondřej
185-191 In memoriam Professor Miloš Zlámal.  Čermák, Libor; Nedoma, Josef; Ženíšek, Alexander
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