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Issue 4,  Volume 48, 1998 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

609-616 On the defect spectrum of an extension of a Banach space operator.  Kordula, Vladimír
617-640 Second order differentiability and Lipschitz smooth points of convex functionals.  Matoušková, Eva; Zajíček, Luděk
641-651 $\sigma$-elements in multiplicative lattices.  Jayaram, C.; Johnson, E. W.
653-668 On the Neumann-Poincaré operator.  Král, Josef; Medková, Dagmar
669-675 On $L$-fuzzy ideals in semirings. I.  Jun, Young Bae; Neggers, J.; Kim, Hee Sik
677-685 Nonoscillation and asymptotic behaviour for third order nonlinear differential equations.  Tiryaki, Aydın; Çelebi, A. Okay
687-700 Localization of global existence of holomorphic solutions of holomorphic differential equations with infinite dimensional parameter.  Kajiwara, Joji; Shon, Kwang Ho; Tsuji, Miki
701-710 An algebraic characterization of geodetic graphs.  Nebeský, Ladislav
711-725 A gradient estimate for solutions of the heat equation.  Kahane, Charles S.
727-735 Pseudo-symmetric ideals of semigroup and their radicals.  Nochefranca, L.; Shum, K. P.
737-745 Convergence estimate for second order Cauchy problems with a small parameter.  Najman, Branko
747-753 Über symmetrische Operatoren auf Banachverbänden und Arens-Regularität.  Scheffold, Egon
755-761 Translativity of absolute weighted mean summability.  Orhan, C.
763-784 Solution of the Neumann problem for the Laplace equation.  Medková, Dagmar
785-792 On a class of real normed lattices.  Alegre, C.; Ferrer, J.; Gregori, V.
793-808 Antiatomic retract varieties of monounary algebras.  Jakubíková-Studenovská, Danica
809-813 A new proof of a characterization of the set of all geodesics in a connected graph.  Nebeský, Ladislav
815-820 Some results on projection of planar sets.  Ganguly, D. K.; Majumdar, M.
821-831 On covers in the lattice of representable $\ell$-varieties.  Medvedev, N. Ya.; Morozova, S. V.
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