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Issue 4,  Volume 49, 1999 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

673-682 On the Tauberian constant in the Ikehara theorem.  Čížek, Jiří
683-688 Radicals of Green’s relations.  Bogdanović, Stojan; Ćirić, Miroslav
689-700 Discrete spectrum and principal functions of non-selfadjoint differential operator.  Tunca, Gülen Başcanbaz; Bairamov, Elgiz
701-706 Some results on sets of positive measure in a metric space.  Ganguly, D. K.; Ray, S.; Majumdar, M.
707-732 Exact asymptotic behavior of singular values of a class of integral operators.  Dostanić, Milutin
733-742 On harmonic conjugates with exponential mean growth.  Pavlović, Miroslav
743-766 Varieties of half lattice-ordered groups of monotonic permutations of chains.  Giraudet, Michèle; Rachůnek, Jiří
767-777 Completely generalized nonlinear variational inclusions for fuzzy mappings.  Huang, Nan-jing
779-790 On oscillatory solutions of fourth order ordinary differential equations.  Palumbíny, Oleg
791-809 On the mixed problem for hyperbolic partial differential-functional equations of the first order.  Człapiński, Tomasz
811-815 The structure of transitive ordered permutation groups.  Zhu, Zuo-Tong,; Zhenyu, Huang
817-823 A Daniell integral approach to nonstandard Kurzweil-Henstock integral.  Bianconi, Ricardo; Prandini, João C.; Possani, Cláudio
825-830 Extending $n$ times differentiable functions of several variables.  Fejzić, Hajrudin; Rinne, Dan; Weil, Clifford
831-834 On the Kurosh-Ore replacement property.  Walendziak, Andrzej
835-841 On the local spectral radius in partially ordered Banach spaces.  Zima, Mirosława
843-847 Commutants and derivation ranges.  Mecheri, Salah
849-866 Common fixed points of two isotone maps on a complete lattice.  Merryfield, Kent; Stein, James D., Jr.
867-876 Distinguished extensions of an $MV$-algebra.  Jakubík, Ján
877-890 On $L^2_w$-quasi-derivatives for solutions of perturbed general quasi-differential equations.  Ibrahim, Sobhy El-sayed
891-899 A new class of nonexpansive type mappings and fixed points.  Ćirić, Ljubomir B.
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