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Issue 1,  Volume 50, 2000 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

1-2 $\sigma$-interpolation lattice-ordered groups.  Darnel, Michael R.
3-14 An axiomatic approach to metric properties of connected graphs.  Nebeský, Ladislav
15-24 The impact of unbounded swings of the forcing term on the asymptotic behavior of functional equations.  Singh, Bhagat
25-34 The equational theory of paramedial cancellation groupoids.  Ježek, Jaroslav; Kepka, Tomáš
35-46 Distance in stratified graphs.  Chartrand, Gary; Hansen, Lisa; Rashidi, Reza; Sherwani, Naveed
47-49 On a problem concerning stratified graphs.  Zelinka, Bohdan
51-57 $M$-ideals of compact operators into $\ell_p$.  John, Kamil; Werner, Dirk
59-65 On sets with Baire property in topological spaces.  Basu, S.
67-74 A new efficient presentation for $PSL(2,5)$ and the structure of the groups $G(3,m,n)$.  Vatansever, Bilal; Gill, David M.; Eren, Nuran
75-82 The space of compact operators contains $c_0$ when a noncompact operator is suitably factorized.  Emmanuele, G.; John, K.
83-90 On prime submodules and primary decomposition.  Tiraṣ, Yücel; Harmanci, Abdullah
91-98 A note on principal ideals and $\Cal J$-classes in the direct product of two semigroups.  Fabrici, Imrich
99-102 On Ozeki’s inequality for power sums.  Alzer, Horst
103-112 A remark on the centered $n$-dimensional Hardy-Littlewood maximal function.  Aldaz, J. M.
113-119 Characterization of lattices of convex subsets of posets.  Lihová, Judita
121-133 A theorem for an axiomatic approach to metric properties of graphs.  Nebeský, Ladislav
135-153 Stability of global solutions to one-phase Stefan problem for a semilinear parabolic equation.  Aiki, Toyohiko; Imai, Hitoshi
155-173 Oscillations of higher order differential equations of neutral type.  Parhi, N.
175-183 Remarks on Steinhaus’ property and ratio sets of sets of positive integers.  Šalát, Tibor
185-196 A barrier method for quasilinear ordinary differential equations of the curvature type.  Kusahara, Toshiaki; Usami, Hiroyuki
197-207 Construction of $po$-groups with quasi-divisors theory.  Močkoř, Jiří
209-220 Invariant subspaces in higher order jet prolongations of a fibred manifold.  Doupovec, Miroslav; Vondra, Alexandr
221-223 In memoriam of Professor Josef Novák.  Frič, Roman; Kent, Darrell C.
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