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Issue 2,  Volume 50, 2000 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

225-244 Examples of bifurcation of periodic solutions to variational inequalities in $\mathbb R^\kappa $.  Kučera, Milan
245-247 On some commutativity theorems for finite rings and finite groups.  Morais, Roberto J. F. de
249-264 Some remarks on the product of two $C_\alpha$-compact subsets.  García-Ferreira, S.; Sanchis, Manuel; Watson, S.
265-278 Remark to transformations of linear differential and functional-differential equations.  Tryhuk, Václav
279-293 On global transformations of functional-differential equations of the first order.  Tryhuk, Václav
295-320 On some non-obvious connections between graphs and unary partial algebras.  Pióro, Konrad
321-330 Inequalities involving independence domination, $f$-domination, connected and total $f$-domination numbers.  Zhou, Sanming
331-340 On uniform distribution of sequences $(a_n x)_1^\infty$.  Šalát, Tibor
341-346 Pták homomorphism theorem revisited.  Ferrer, J. R.; López Pellicer, M.; Ruiz, L. M. Sánchez
347-358 Oscillation of certain difference equations.  Grace, S. R.
359-366 Orthomodular lattices with state-separated noncompatible pairs.  Mayet, R.; Pták, P.
367-378 Almost Butler groups.  Bican, Ladislav
379-396 Random fixed point theorems for a certain class of mappings in Banach spaces.  Jung, Jong Soo; Cho, Yeol Je; Kang, Shin Min; Lee, Byung Soo; Thakur, Balwant Singh
397-399 Simple zeropotent paramedial groupoids are balanced.  Bashir, Robert El; Ježek, Jaroslav; Kepka, Tomáš
401-414 Strong topologies on vector-valued function spaces.  Nowak, Marian
415-429 Relative polars in ordered sets.  Halaš, Radomír
431-444 Lateral completion of a projectable lattice ordered group.  Jakubík, Ján
445-447 Professor Vlastimil Pták died.  Fiedler, Miroslav; Müller, Vladimír
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