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autometrized algebra; annihilator; relative annihilator; ideal; polar
The concepts of an annihilator and a relative annihilator in an autometrized $l$-algebra are introduced. It is shown that every relative annihilator in a normal autometrized $l$-algebra $\mathcal {A}$ is an ideal of $\mathcal {A}$ and every principal ideal of $\mathcal {A}$ is an annihilator of $\mathcal {A}$. The set of all annihilators of $\mathcal {A}$ forms a complete lattice. The concept of an $I$-polar is introduced for every ideal $I$ of $\mathcal {A}$. The set of all $I$-polars is a complete lattice which becomes a two-element chain provided $I$ is prime. The $I$-polars are characterized as pseudocomplements in the lattice of all ideals of $\mathcal {A}$ containing $I$.
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