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Issue 4,  Volume 51, 2001 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

673-678 Ivo Vrkoč septuagenarian.  Seidler, Jan
679-684 Continuity of stochastic convolutions.  Brzeźniak, Zdzisław; Peszat, Szymon; Zabczyk, Jerzy
685-699 Some results about dissipativity of Kolmogorov operators.  Prato, Giuseppe Da; Tubaro, Luciano
701-712 A note on one-dimensional stochastic equations.  Engelbert, Hans-Jürgen
713-731 Probabilistic models of vortex filaments.  Flandoli, Franco; Minelli, Ida
733-743 Hypercontractivity of solutions to Hamilton-Jacobi equations.  Goldys, Beniamin
745-762 Uniform exponential ergodicity of stochastic dissipative systems.  Goldys, Beniamin; Maslowski, Bohdan
763-783 On stochastic differential equations with locally unbounded drift.  Gyöngy, István; Martínez, Teresa
785-790 A note on maximal inequality for stochastic convolutions.  Hausenblas, Erika; Seidler, Jan
791-818 Generalized analytic spaces, completeness and fragmentability.  Holický, Petr
819-828 On the strong McShane integral of functions with values in a Banach space.  Schwabik, Štefan; Guoju, Ye
831-846 Strong asymmetric digraphs with prescribed interior and annulus.  Winters, Steven J.
847-858 The forcing convexity number of a graph.  Chartrand, Gary; Zhang, Ping
859-871 Multiresolution analysis and Radon measures on a locally compact Abelian group.  Galindo, Félix; Sanz, Javier
873-888 Second centralizers of partial transformations.  Konieczny, Janusz
889-896 Complete distributivity of lattice ordered groups and of vector lattices.  Jakubík, Ján
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