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Issue 4,  Volume 53, 2003 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

769-775 Infinite simple zeropotent paramedial groupoids.  Cho, Jung R.; Kepka, Tomáš
777-791 Structure of partially ordered cyclic semigroups.  Drewniak, Jósef; Sobera, Jolanta
793-803 Completely continuous functions in intuitionistic fuzzy topological spaces.  Hanafy, I. M.
805-825 On oscillation of solutions of forced nonlinear neutral differential equations of higher order.  Parhi, N.; Rath, R. N.
827-840 Connected resolvability of graphs.  Saenpholphat, Varaporn; Zhang, Ping
841-859 On total incomparability of mixed Tsirelson spaces.  Bernués, Julio; Pascual, Javier
861-879 Optimization and identification of nonlinear uncertain systems.  Park, Jong Yeoul; Kang, Yong Han; Jung, Il Hyo
881-890 Prüfer rings with involution.  Idris, Ismail M.
891-905 Modules commuting (via Hom) with some colimits.  Bashir, Robert El; Kepka, Tomáš; Němec, Petr
907-915 Projectability and splitting property of lattice ordered groups.  Jakubík, Ján
917-924 Codimension 1 subvarieties $\scr M\sb g$ and real gonality of real curves.  Ballico, E.
925-934 The inertia set of nonnegative symmetric sign pattern with zero diagonal.  Gao, Yubin; Shao, Yanling
935-947 Oscillation and nonoscillation of second order neutral delay difference equations.  Thandapani, E.; Mahalingam, K.
949-962 Torsions of connections on higher order cotangent bundles.  Doupovec, Miroslav; Kurek, Jan
963-988 Achromatic number of $K_5 \times K_n$ for small $n$.  Horňák, Mirko; Pčola, Štefan
989-1000 Statistical convergence of infinite series.  Dindoš, M.; Šalát, T.; Toma, V.
1001-1007 Annihilators in BCK-algebras.  Halaš, Radomír
1009-1015 On Pettis integrability.  Ferrando, J. C.
1017-1030 Contact elements on fibered manifolds.  Kolář, Ivan; Mikulski, Włodzimierz M.
1031-1040 On varieties of pseudo $MV$-algebras.  Jakubík, Ján
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