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meet-closed set; greatest-type lower; incidence function; determinant; nonsingularity
Let $S=\lbrace x_1,\dots ,x_n\rbrace $ be a finite subset of a partially ordered set $P$. Let $f$ be an incidence function of $P$. Let $[f(x_i\wedge x_j)]$ denote the $n\times n$ matrix having $f$ evaluated at the meet $x_i\wedge x_j$ of $x_i$ and $x_j$ as its $i,j$-entry and $[f(x_i\vee x_j)]$ denote the $n\times n$ matrix having $f$ evaluated at the join $x_i\vee x_j$ of $x_i$ and $x_j$ as its $i,j$-entry. The set $S$ is said to be meet-closed if $x_i\wedge x_j\in S$ for all $1\le i,j\le n$. In this paper we get explicit combinatorial formulas for the determinants of matrices $[f(x_i\wedge x_j)]$ and $[f(x_i\vee x_j)]$ on any meet-closed set $S$. We also obtain necessary and sufficient conditions for the matrices $f(x_i\wedge x_j)]$ and $[f(x_i\vee x_j)]$ on any meet-closed set $S$ to be nonsingular. Finally, we give some number-theoretic applications.
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