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Issue 1,  Volume 56, 2006 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

1-8 Jan Pelant (18.2.1950–11.4.2005).  Balcar, B.; Müller, V.; Nešetřil, J.; Simon, P.
9-18 Diagonal reductions of matrices over exchange ideals.  Chen, Huanyin
19-25 Circuit and cocircuit partitions of binary matroids.  Mphako, Eunice Gogo
27-46 On sandwich sets and congruences on regular semigroups.  Petrich, Mario
47-59 Holland’s theorem for pseudo-effect algebras.  Dvurečenskij, Anatolij
61-77 Invariant subspaces of $X^{**}$ under the action of biconjugates.  Grivaux, Sophie; Rychtář, Jan
79-98 On a homogeneity condition for $MV$-algebras.  Jakubík, Ján
99-108 Weak edge-degree domination in hypergraphs.  Acharya, Belmannu Devadas; Gupta, Purnima
109-132 Isotype knice subgroups of global Warfield groups.  Megibben, Charles; Ullery, William
133-154 The ordering of commutative terms.  Ježek, J.
155-178 Extensions of partially ordered partial abelian monoids.  Pulmannová, Sylvia
179-227 Removable singularities for weighted Bergman spaces.  Björn, Anders
229-238 On signed distance-$k$-domination in graphs.  Xing, Huaming; Sun, Liang; Chen, Xuegang
239-245 $k$-systems, $k$-networks and $k$-covers.  Li, Jinjin; Lin, Shou
247-265 On positive solutions for a nonlinear boundary value problem with impulse.  Bereketoglu, Huseyin; Huseynov, Aydin
267-271 4-dimensional anti-Kähler manifolds and Weyl curvature.  Kim, Jaeman
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