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decomposition; star arboricity; star forest; complete multigraph
Let $G$ be a multigraph. The star number ${\mathrm s}(G)$ of $G$ is the minimum number of stars needed to decompose the edges of $G$. The star arboricity ${\mathrm sa}(G)$ of $G$ is the minimum number of star forests needed to decompose the edges of $G$. As usual $\lambda K_n$ denote the $\lambda $-fold complete graph on $n$ vertices (i.e., the multigraph on $n$ vertices such that there are $\lambda $ edges between every pair of vertices). In this paper, we prove that for $n \ge 2$ \[ \begin{aligned} {\mathrm s}(\lambda K_n)&= \left\rbrace \begin{array}{ll}\frac{1}{2}\lambda n&\text{if}\ \lambda \ \text{is even}, \frac{1}{2}(\lambda +1)n-1&\text{if}\ \lambda \ \text{is odd,} \end{array}\right. {\vspace{2.0pt}} {\mathrm sa}(\lambda K_n)&= \left\rbrace \begin{array}{ll}\lceil \frac{1}{2}\lambda n \rceil &\text{if}\ \lambda \ \text{is odd},\ n = 2, 3 \ \text{or}\ \lambda \ \text{is even}, \lceil \frac{1}{2}\lambda n \rceil +1 &\text{if}\ \lambda \ \text{is odd},\ n\ge 4. \end{array}\right. \end{aligned} \qquad \mathrm{(1,2)}\]
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