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Issue 4,  Volume 56, 2006 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

1063-1083 In memory of Josef Král.  Lukeš, Jaroslav; Netuka, Ivan; Veselý, Jiří
1085-1108 On left $C$-$\scr U$-liberal semigroups.  He, Yong; Shao, Fang; Li, Shi-qun; Gao, Wei
1109-1116 A note on the diophantine equation $x^2+b^Y=c^z$.  Le, Maohua
1117-1129 On the maximal subgroup of the sandwich semigroup of generalized circulant Boolean matrices.  Chen, Jinsong; Tan, Yijia
1131-1145 Non-holonomic $(r,s,q)$-jets.  Tomáš, Jiří M.
1147-1163 Operators of Hankel type.  Bermudo, S.; Marcantognini, S. A. M.; Morán, M. D.
1165-1183 Steady state coexistence solutions of reaction-diffusion competition models.  Kang, Joon Hyuk; Lee, Jungho
1185-1192 Invertible commutativity preservers of matrices over max algebra.  Song, Seok-Zun; Kang, Kyung-Tae; Jun, Young-Bae
1193-1206 Pasting topological spaces at one point.  Aliabad, Ali Rezaei
1207-1213 On the Laplacian energy of a graph.  Lazić, Mirjana
1215-1227 Weak homogeneity and Pierce’s theorem for $MV$-algebras.  Jakubík, Ján
1229-1241 Samuel compactification and uniform coreflection of nearness $\sigma$-frames.  Naidoo, Inderasan
1243-1263 Nodal solutions for a second-order $m$-point boundary value problem.  Ma, Ruyun
1265-1280 On totally $\ast$-paranormal operators.  Ko, Eungil; Nam, Hae-Won; Yang, Youngoh
1281-1299 A constructive method to determine the variety of filiform Lie algebras.  Echarte, F. J.; Márquez, M. C.; Núñez, J.
1301-1322 Clifford-Hermite-monogenic operators.  Brackx, Fred; de Schepper, Nele; Sommen, Frank
1323-1334 On the existence of prolongation of connections.  Doupovec, Miroslav; Mikulski, Włodzimierz M.
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