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differential operators; Clifford analysis
In this paper we consider operators acting on a subspace $\mathcal M$ of the space $L_2(\mathbb{R}^m;\mathbb{C}_m)$ of square integrable functions and, in particular, Clifford differential operators with polynomial coefficients. The subspace ${\mathcal M}$ is defined as the orthogonal sum of spaces ${\mathcal M}_{s,k}$ of specific Clifford basis functions of $L_2(\mathbb{R}^m;\mathbb{C}_m)$. Every Clifford endomorphism of ${\mathcal M}$ can be decomposed into the so-called Clifford-Hermite-monogenic operators. These Clifford-Hermite-monogenic operators are characterized in terms of commutation relations and they transform a space ${\mathcal M}_{s,k}$ into a similar space ${\mathcal M}_{s^{\prime }\!,k^{\prime }}$. Hence, once the Clifford-Hermite-monogenic decomposition of an operator is obtained, its action on the space ${\mathcal M}$ is known. Furthermore, the monogenic decomposition of some important Clifford differential operators with polynomial coefficients is studied in detail.
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