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Issue 5,  Volume 46, 2001 (Applications of Mathematics)

321-338 Nonmonotone strategy for minimization of quadratics with simple constraints.  Diniz-Ehrhardt, M. A.; Dostál, Z.; Gomes-Ruggiero, M. A.; Martínez, J. M.; Santos, S. A.
339-351 A quantile goodness-of-fit test for Cauchy distribution, based on extreme order statistics.  Rublík, František
353-382 On the finite element analysis of problems with nonlinear Newton boundary conditions in nonpolygonal domains.  Feistauer, Miloslav; Najzar, Karel; Sobotíková, Veronika
383-400 Nonlinear boundary value problems describing mobile carrier transport in semiconductor devices.  Borevich, E. Z.; Chistyakov, V. M.
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