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Issue 6,  Volume 48, 2003 (Applications of Mathematics)

409-410 An international symposium honouring professor Karel Rektorys' eightieth. Foreword.  Marek, Ivo
411-416 Laudatio.  Marek, Ivo
417-427 Convergence of discretization procedures for problems whose entropy solutions are uniquely characterized by additional relations.  Ansorge, Rainer
429-436 One case of appearance of positive solutions of delayed discrete equations.  Baštinec, Jaromír; Diblík, Josef
437-453 Diffuse-interface treatment of the anisotropic mean-curvature flow.  Beneš, Michal
455-467 Decision-making for long memory data in technical-economic design, fractals and decision area bubbles.  Beran, Václav
469-486 On a reliable solution of a Volterra integral equation in a Hilbert space.  Bock, Igor; Lovíšek, Ján
487-496 On fuzzy input data and the worst scenario method.  Chleboun, Jan
497-514 Nonlinear models of suspension bridges: discussion of the results.  Drábek, Pavel; Holubová, Gabriela; Matas, Aleš; Nečesal, Petr
515-524 Numerical solution of several models of internal transonic flow.  Fořt, Jaroslav; Kozel, Karel
525-536 Contaminant transport with adsorption in dual-well flow.  Kačur, Jozef; Keer, Roger Van
537-545 A note on the generalized energy inequality in the Navier-Stokes equations.  Kučera, Petr; Skalák, Zdeněk
547-558 The boundary regularity of a weak solution of the Navier-Stokes equation and its connection to the interior regularity of pressure.  Neustupa, Jiří
559-571 Finite element approximation of a contact vector eigenvalue problem.  de Schepper, Hennie; van Keer, Roger
573-586 Regularity of pressure in the neighbourhood of regular points of weak solutions of the Navier-Stokes equations.  Skalák, Zdeněk; Kučera, Petr
587-606 The method of Rothe and two-scale convergence in nonlinear problems.  Vala, Jiří
607-622 A maxmin principle for nonlinear eigenvalue problems with application to a rational spectral problem in fluid-solid vibration.  Voss, Heinrich
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