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Issue 1,  Volume 29, 1993 (Kybernetika)

1-17 Existence of average optimal policies in Markov control processes with strictly unbounded costs.  Hernández-Lerma, Onésimo
18-29 Perturbation analysis of the discrete Riccati equation.  Konstantinov, M. M.; Petkov, P. Hr.; Christov, N. D.
30-47 Neurodynamic adaptive control systems.  Proano, Julio C.; Białasiewicz, Jan T.; Wall, Edward T.
48-61 Large scale dynamic system stabilization using the principle of dominant subsystems approach.  Veselý, Vojtech
62-72 Recursive estimation in autoregressive models with additive outliers.  Cipra, Tomáš; Rubio, Asunción; Canal, José Luis
73-79 Wrapped eigenstructure of chaos.  Vaněček, Antonín; Čelikovský, Sergej
80-101 Stability in stochastic programming -- The case of unknown location parameter.  Kaňková, Vlasta
102-104 Book reviews.  
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