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Issue 6,  Volume 29, 1993 (Kybernetika)

Special issue: System Structure and Control. II

517 Special issue: System Structure and Control. II.  Kučera, Vladimír
518-546 Structural properties of singular systems.  Özçaldiran, Kadri; Haliločlu, Latif
547-562 On the cover problems of geometric theory.  Karcanias, Nicos; Vafiadis, Dimitris
563-582 Riccati-like flows and matrix approximations.  Helmke, Uwe; Prechtel, Michael; Shayman, Mark A.
583-592 On various interpretations of the Rosenbrock theorem.  Loiseau, Jean-Jacques; Zagalak, Petr
593-608 Control of nonholonomic systems via dynamic compensation.  De Luca, Alessandro; Di Benedetto, Marika D.
609-616 A new robust stability margin.  Bongers, Peter M. M.
617-627 On the derivation of a state-space model of a periodic process described by recurrent equations.  Grasselli, Osvaldo Maria; Longhi, Sauro; Tornambè, Antonio
628 News.  
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