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Issue 6,  Volume 30, 1994 (Kybernetika)

Special issue: New directions in control theory and applications

577 Special issue: New directions in control theory and applications.  Kučera, Vladimír; Karcanias, Nicos
578-584 The pole placement equation. A survey.  Kučera, V.
585-596 The selection of input and output schemes for a system and the model projection problems.  Karcanias, Nicos
597-606 Structural properties of inverse linear systems.  Pugh, A. C.; Karampetakis, N. P.; Vardulakis, A. I. G.; Hayton, G. E.
607-616 Minimal realizations of the inverse of a polynomial matrix using finite and infinite Jordan pairs.  Fragulis, George F.
617-628 Evaluation of the reachability subspace of general form polynomial matrix descriptions (PMDs).  Fragulis, G. F.; Vardulakis, A. I. G.
629-638 Evaluation of the impulsive solution space of linear multivariable homogeneous implicit systems.  Fragulis, George F.
639-644 Self bounded controlled invariants for singular systems.  Corradini, M. Letizia
645-658 The partial non interacting problem: Structural and geometric solutions.  García, Juan Carlos Martínez; Malabre, Michel; Rabah, Rabah
659-668 Optimal reconstruction of state vector in 2-D systems.  Dzieliński, Andrzej
669-688 Continuous-time deadbeat observation problem with application to predictive control of systems with delay.  Medvedev, Alexander; Toivonen, Hannu
689-699 Dead-beat response of SISO systems to parabolic inputs with optimum step and ramp responses.  Barbargires, C. A.; Karybakas, C. A.
701-713 Output tracking for a family of linear plants.  Jetto, Leopoldo; Longhi, Sauro; Perdon, Anna M.
715-723 On the convergence of a time-variant linear differential equation arising in identification.  Aeyels, Dirk; Sepulchre, R.
725-743 Robust continuous-time tracking and regulation for multirate sampled-data systems.  Grasselli, Osvaldo M.; Longhi, Sauro; Tornambè, Antonio
745-753 Polynomial operations: Numerical performance in matrix diophantine equation.  Kraffer, Ferdinand; Pejchová, Soňa; Šebek, Michael
754 News.  
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