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Issue 5,  Volume 30, 1994 (Kybernetika)

477-488 Nonlinear control of a planar multiaxis servohydraulic test facility using exact linearization techniques.  Hahn, Hans; Zhang, X.; Leimbach, K.-D.; Sommer, H.-J.
489-497 On the characteristic modes of a rigid body under forces.  Bourdache-Siguerdidjane, Houria
499-506 Nonlinear stabilization by adding integrators.  Iggidr, Abderrahman; Sallet, Gauthier
507-515 Remarks on the theory of implicit linear continuous-time systems.  Przyłuski, K. Maciej; Sosnowski, Andrzej
517-524 Controllability of semilinear delay systems.  Balachandran, K.; Balasubramaniam, P.
525-536 On sufficient conditions for the stability of dynamic interval systems.  Sladký, Karel
537-542 Synthesis of chaotic systems.  Vaněček, Antonín; Čelikovský, Sergej
543-550 Locally harmonizable covariance: Spectral analysis.  Dehay, Dominique; Loughani, Abdelaziz
551-562 On $L$-estimators viewed as $M$-estimators.  Šindelář, Jan
563-573 Measures of information associated with Csiszár's divergences.  Salicrú, Miquel
574-576 Book reviews.  
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