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Issue 1,  Volume 36, 2000 (Kybernetika)

Special issue: 6th IEEE Mediterranean Conference on Control and Systems

[1] Special issue: 6th IEEE Mediterranean Conference on Control and Systems.  Conte, Giuseppe; Perdon, Anna Maria; Tornambè, Antonio
[2]-20 On generalized Popov theory for delay systems.  Niculescu, S. I.; Ionescu, V.; Ivănescu, D.; Dugard, L.; Dion, J.-M.
[21]-29 Stability analysis and synthesis of systems subject to norm bounded, bounded rate uncertainties.  Amato, Francesco
[31]-42 Local asymptotic stability for nonlinear state feedback delay systems.  Germani, Alfredo; Manes, Costanzo; Pepe, Pierdomenico
[43]-51 Input-output decoupling of nonlinear recursive systems.  Kotta, Ülle
53-62 The structure of nonlinear time delay systems.  Márquez-Martínez, Luis A.; Moog, Claude H.; Velasco-Villa, Martín
[63]-75 Application of a second order VSC to nonlinear systems in multi-input parametric-pure-feedback form.  Ferrara, Antonella; Giacomini, Luisa
[77]-93 Variable measurement step in 2-sliding control.  Levant, Arie
[95]-115 Sliding mode controller-observer design for multivariable linear systems with unmatched uncertainty.  Koshkouei, A. Jafari; Zinober, Alan S. I.
[117]-132 Detection and accommodation of second order distributed parameter systems with abrupt changes in input term: Existence and approximation.  Demetriou, Michael A.; Ackleh, Azmy S.; Reich, Simeon
[133]-147 Further results on sliding manifold design and observation for a heat equation.  Barbieri, Enrique; Drakunov, Sergey; Figueroa, J. Fernando
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