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Issue 4,  Volume 37, 2001 (Kybernetika)

Special issue on advances in analysis and control of time-delay systems

[370]-380 Trajectory tracking control for nonlinear time-delay systems.  Márquez-Martínez, Luis Alejandro; Moog, Claude H.
[381]-396 Nonlinear bounded control for time-delay systems.  Garcia, Germain; Tarbouriech, Sophie
[397]-426 The algebraic structure of delay-differential systems: a behavioral perspective.  Gluesing-Luerssen, Heide; Vettori, Paolo; Zampieri, Sandro
[427]-458 New trends in design of observers for time-delay systems.  Sename, Olivier
[459]-478 An asymptotic state observer for a class of nonlinear delay systems.  Germani, Alfredo; Manes, Costanzo; Pepe, Pierdomenico
[479]-504 Discretization schemes for Lyapunov-Krasovskii functionals in time-delay systems.  Gu, Keqin
[505]-520 Infinite-dimensional LMI approach to analysis and synthesis for linear time-delay systems.  Ikeda, Kojiro; Azuma, Takehito; Uchida, Kenko
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