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Issue 5,  Volume 37, 2001 (Kybernetika)

[521]-546 On nonlinear equivalence and backstepping observer.  Leon, J. de; Souleiman, I.; Glumineau, A.; Schreier, G.
[547]-564 Structurally stable design of output regulation for a class of nonlinear systems.  Villanueva-Novelo, Celia; Čelikovský, Sergej; Castillo-Toledo, Bernardino
[565]-573 Separation principle for nonlinear systems using a bilinear approximation.  Hammami, Mohamed Ali; Jerbi, Hamadi
[575]-583 Solution for a classical problem in the calculus of variations via rationalized Haar functions.  Razzaghi, Mohsen; Ordokhani, Yadollah
[585]-603 A note on the rate of convergence of local polynomial estimators in regression models.  Liese, Friedrich; Steinke, Ingo
[605]-622 Permutation tests for multiple changes.  Hušková, Marie; Slabý, Aleš
[623]-624 News.  
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