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Issue 3,  Volume 38, 2002 (Kybernetika)

Special issue: Uncertainty Modelling 2001

[233]-234 Editorial on selected contributions to “Uncertainty Modelling 2001”.  Mareš, Milan; Mesiar, Radko
[235]-244 Program for generating fuzzy logical operations and its use in mathematical proofs.  Bartušek, Tomáš; Navara, Mirko
[245]-257 Aggregation operators and fuzzy measures on hypographs.  Vivona, Doretta; Divari, Maria
[259]-273 Möbius fitting aggregation operators.  Kolesárová, Anna
[275]-286 Invariant copulas.  Klement, Erich Peter; Mesiar, Radko; Pap, Endre
[287]-295 Convergence theorems for measures with values in Riesz spaces.  Candeloro, Domenico
[297]-318 States on unital partially-ordered groups.  Dvurečenskij, Anatolij
[319]-326 Validation sets in fuzzy logics.  Horčík, Rostislav; Navara, Mirko
[327]-338 Information boundedness principle in fuzzy inference process.  Sarkoci, Peter; Šabo, Michal
[339]-352 Coalitional fuzzy preferences.  Mareš, Milan
[353]-362 On the description and analysis of measurements of continuous quantities.  Viertl, Reinhard
[363]-382 Countable extension of triangular norms and their applications to the fixed point theory in probabilistic metric spaces.  Hadžić, Olga; Pap, Endre; Budinčević, Mirko
[383]-387 Time series models for Earth's crust kinematics.  Komorníková, Magda; Komorník, Jozef
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