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Issue 3,  Volume 39, 2003 (Kybernetika)

[265]-274 Alternative model of fuzzy NTU coalitional game.  Mareš, Milan; Vlach, Milan
[275]-280 A convergence of fuzzy random variables.  Hong, Dug Hun
[281]-288 $T$-equivalences generated by shape function on the real line.  Hong, Dug Hun
[289]-294 An additive decomposition of fuzzy numbers.  Hong, Dug Hun
[295]-298 Characterizations of the exponential distribution based on certain properties of its characteristic function.  Meintanis, Simos G.; Iliopoulos, George
[299]-306 Approximations for the maximum of stochastic processes with drift.  Berkes, István; Horváth, Lajos
[307]-315 Reversible jump MCMC for two-state multivariate Poisson mixtures.  Lahtinen, Jani; Lampinen, Jouko
[317]-332 Sensitivity analysis in singular mixed linear models with constraints.  Fišerová, Eva; Kubáček, Lubomír
[333]-340 Optimal chemical balance weighing designs for $v+1$ objects.  Ceranka, Bronisław; Graczyk, Małgorzata
[341]-346 Nonparametric estimations of non-negative random variables distributions.  Vávra, František; Nový, Pavel; Mašková, Hana; Kotlíková, Michala; Zmrhal, David
[347]-358 Erlang distributed activity times in stochastic activity networks.  Abdelkader, Yousry H.
[359]-367 Neutral functional integrodifferential control systems in Banach spaces.  Balachandran, Krishnan; Anandhi, E. Radhakrishnan
[369]-385 Complementary matrices in the inclusion principle for dynamic controllers.  Bakule, Lubomír; Rodellar, José; Rossell, Josep M.
[387]-388 Book reviews.  
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