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Issue 2,  Volume 39, 2003 (Kybernetika)

Special issue on max-plus algebras

[121]-122 Guest editorial: Special issue on max-plus algebras.  Gaubert, Stéphane; Loiseau, Jean-Jacques
[123]-128 Rational algebra and MM functions.  Cuninghame-Green, Ray A.
[129]-136 On the coefficients of the max-algebraic characteristic polynomial and equation.  Butkovič, Peter
[137]-141 Soluble approximation of linear systems in max-plus algebra.  Cechlárová, Katarína; Cuninghame-Green, Ray A.
[143]-154 Models combination in (max,+) algebra for the implementation of a simulation and analysis software.  Lahaye, Sébastien; Hardouin, Laurent; Boimond, Jean-Louis
[155]-163 Some ideas for comparison of Bellman chains.  Truffet, Laurent
[165]-176 On timed event graph stabilization by output feedback in dioid.  Cottenceau, B.; Lhommeau, M.; Hardouin, L.; Boimond, J.-L.
[177]-192 Some representations for series on idempotent semirings - or how to go beyond recognizability keeping representability.  Klimann, Ines
[193]-204 Iterates of maps which are non-expansive in Hilbert's projective metric.  Gunawardena, Jeremy; Walsh, Cormac
[205]-215 Continuous extension of order-preserving homogeneous maps.  Burbanks, Andrew D.; Sparrow, Colin T.; Nussbaum, Roger D.
[217]-228 Minimal positive realizations: a survey of recent results and open problems.  Benvenuti, Luca; Farina, Lorenzo
[229]-247 The principle of the largest terms and quantum large deviations.  Gulinsky, Oleg V.
[249]-263 Complex calculus of variations.  Gondran, Michel; Saade, Rita Hoblos
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