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Issue 5,  Volume 44, 2008 (Kybernetika)

585-616 The Frisch scheme in algebraic and dynamic identification problems.  Guidorzi, Roberto; Diversi, Roberto; Soverini, Umberto
617-632 Fault tolerant control for uncertain time-delay systems based on sliding mode control.  Wu, Junsheng; Weng, Zhengxin; Tian, Zuohua; Shi, Songjiao
633-648 Meromorphic observer-based pole assignment in time delay systems.  Zítek, Pavel; Kučera, Vladimír; Vyhlídal, Tomáš
649-663 On the solution of the constrained multiobjective control problem with the receding horizon approach.  De Vito, Daniele; Scattolini, Riccardo
664-684 Composite control of the $n$-link chained mechanical systems.  Zikmund, Jiří
685-704 On exact null controllability of Black-Scholes equation.  Sakthivel, Kumarasamy; Balachandran, Krishnan; Sowrirajan, Rangarajan; Kim, Jeong-Hoon
705-714 Kermack-McKendrick epidemics vaccinated.  Staněk, Jakub
715-730 Sequential monitoring for change in scale.  Chochola, Ondřej
731-740 Weighted scalarization related to $L_p$-metric and pareto optimality.  Šipošová, Alexandra
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