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Issue 6,  Volume 44, 2008 (Kybernetika)

Special issue: Random Variables, Joint Distribution Functions, and Copulas

741-744 Editorial to the special issue on “Random Variables, Joint Distribution Functions, and Copulas”.  Durante, Fabrizio; Mesiar, Radko; Sempi, Carlo
745-756 On quasi-homogeneous copulas.  Mayor, Gaspar; Mesiar, Radko; Torrens, Joan
757-776 On distributions of order statistics for absolutely continuous copulas with applications to reliability.  Jaworski, Piotr; Rychlik, Tomasz
777-794 Dynamic dependence ordering for Archimedean copulas and distorted copulas.  Charpentier, Arthur
795-806 On univariate and bivariate aging for dependent lifetimes with Archimedean survival copulas.  Pellerey, Franco
807-816 Univariate conditioning of copulas.  Mesiar, Radko; Jágr, Vladimír; Juráňová , Monika; Komorníková, Magda
817-825 Extreme distribution functions of copulas.  Úbeda-Flores, Manuel
826-845 Exact distribution under independence of the diagonal section of the empirical copula.  Erdely, Arturo; González–Barrios, José M.
846-863 Symmetries of random discrete copulas.  Erdely, Arturo; González–Barrios, José M.; Nelsen, Roger B.
864-878 A copula test space model how to avoid the wrong copula choice.  Michiels, Frederik; De Schepper, Ann
879-890 Quasi-copulas with quadratic sections in one variable.  Rodríguez–Lallena, José Antonio; Úbeda-Flores, Manuel
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