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Issue 4,  Volume 119, 1994 (Mathematica Bohemica)

337-346 A generalization of Wishart density for the case when the inverse of the covariance matrix is a band matrix.  Eben, Kryštof
347-358 A periodic boundary value problem in Hilbert space.  Rudolf, Boris
359-366 The Hausdorff dimension of some special plane sets.  Mařík, Jan
367-371 Some conditions for a surface in {$Esp 4$} to be a part of the sphere {$Ssp 2$}.  Bureš, Jarolím; Kaňka, Miloš
373-379 Preimages of Baire spaces.  Doboš, Jozef; Piotrowski, Z.; Reilly, I. L.
381-384 On infinite outerplanar graphs.  Boza, L.; Diánez, A.; Márquez, A.
385-386 Note on independent sets of a graph.  Ivančo, Jaroslav
387-406 Extending Peano derivatives.  Fejzić, Hajrudin; Mařík, Jan; Weil, Clifford E.
407-414 Route systems of a connected graph.  Nebeský, Ladislav
415-436 Linear distributional differential equations of the second order.  Tvrdý, Milan
437-445 A note on factorization of the Fermat numbers and their factors of the form $3h2\sp n+1$.  Křížek, Michal; Chleboun, Jan
447-448 Book reviews.  
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