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Issue 4,  Volume 40, 1990 (Mathematica Slovaca)

337-340 On weak isometries in multilattice groups.  Jasem, Milan
341-357 Longest circuits in triangular and quadrangular $3$-polytopes with two types of edges.  Jendroľ, Stanislav; Kekeňák, Roman
359-365 Edge-domatically full graphs.  Zelinka, Bohdan
367-374 Dual point-partition number of complementary graphs.  Kundrík, Anton
375-388 Planar ordered sets of width two.  Czyzowicz, Jurek; Pelc, Andrzej; Rival, Ivan
389-400 Rationals with exotic convergences. II.  Frič, Roman
401-405 Products of quasi-continuous functions.  Natkaniec, Tomasz
407-411 On the lattice group valued submeasures.  Volauf, Peter
413-422 Non-Borel measures on non-separable metric spaces.  Mohapl, Jaroslav
423-434 The Bayes estimator of the variance components and its admissibility.  Stuchlý, Jaroslav
435-438 Book Reviews.  
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