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Issue 1,  Volume 49, 1999 (Mathematica Slovaca)

1-16 Flexible niveloids.  Dolecki, Szymon
17-18 Two remarks on dually residuated lattice ordered semigroups.  Kovář, Tomáš
19-26 On $d$-algebras.  Neggers, Joseph; Kim, Hee Sik
27-33 On $d^\ast $-subalgebras of $d$-transitive $d^\ast $-algebras.  Lee, Young Chan; Kim, Hee Sik
35-39 On the center of a left Jordan groupoid.  Katrnoška, František
41-52 Periodic solutions in systems at resonances with small relay hysteresis.  Fečkan, Michal
53-61 Some new sequence spaces defined by a modulus function.  Esi, Ayhan
63-69 An abstract uniform boundedness result.  Swartz, Charles
71-74 Geometric proof of the easy part of the Hopf invariant one theorem.  Akhmet'ev, Pjotr; Szűcs, András
75-83 Higher dimensional Melnikov mappings.  Fečkan, Michal
85-93 Strong laws of large numbers for double sequences of random elements.  Potocký, Rastislav; Urbaníková, Marta
95-115 On estimation in random fields generated by linear stochastic partial differential equations.  Mohapl, Jaroslav
117-127 Professor Ivan Korec died.  Katriňák, Tibor; Rovan, Branislav; Strauch, Oto; Zlatoš, Pavol
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