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Issue 3,  Volume 50, 2000 (Mathematica Slovaca)

247-257 The Brooks-Jewett theorem for $k$-triangular functions.  Salvati, Simonetta
259-269 Generating sets in Steiner triple systems.  Colbourn, Charles J.; Dinitz, Jeffrey H.
271-287 On Eggleton and Guy's conjectured upper bound for the crossing number of the $n$-cube.  Faria, Luerbio; de Figueiredo, Celina Miraglia Herrera
289-301 On recognition of strong graph bundles.  Žerovnik, Janez
303-314 Wilson's theorem in algebraic number fields.  Lašák, Miroslav
315-333 Asymptotic behaviour of a class of third order delay-differential equations.  Parhi, N.; Padhi, Seshadev
335-344 Oscillation and global attractivity in a nonlinear delay difference equation.  Cheng, Denghua; Yan, Jurang
345-355 Oscillatory behaviour of certain difference equations.  Grace, Said R.
357-363 Weak$^\ast$-norm sequentially continuous operators.  Mohsen, Alimohammady
365-367 Book Reviews.  
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