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Issue 4,  Volume 51, 2001 (Mathematica Slovaca)

365-370 Linear and $\Bbb R$-linear betweenness spaces.  Šimko, Juraj
371-382 Characterizations of nonexpansive multipliers on partially ordered sets.  Pataki, Gergely; Száz, Árpád
383-391 Convex mappings of archimedean MV-algebras.  Jakubík, Ján
393-401 Hilbert-symbol equivalence of global function fields.  Czogała, Alfred
403-419 Lattice uniformities on orthomodular structures.  Avallone, Anna
421-439 Some families of analytic functions with negative coefficients.  Srivastava, H. M.; Patel, J.; Sahoo, P.
441-447 Unbounded oscillation of the second-order neutral differential equations.  Džurina, Jozef
449-458 On the oscillation of solutions of parabolic partial functional differential equations.  Wang, Peiguang
459-467 On fixed point theorems for absolute retracts.  Bugajewski, Dariusz
469-476 On the $\omega$-primitive.  Duszynski, Zbigniew; Grande, Zbigniew; Ponomarev, Stanislav P.
477-478 Prof. RNDr. Ladislav Mišík, DRSC. 10.05.1921--18.06.2001.  Dvurečenskij, Anatolij
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