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Issue 3,  Volume 52, 2002 (Mathematica Slovaca)

247-253 Values and minimal spectrum of an algebraic lattice.  Georgescu, George; Ploščica, Miroslav
255-270 Affine completeness of de Morgan algebras.  Kuchmei, Vladimir
271-287 On the product of divisors of a positive integer.  Šalát, Tibor; Tomanová, Jana
289-296 Sets of positive integers with prescribed values of densities.  Mišík, Ladislav
297-307 On hypercentral subgroups of infinite groups.  de Giovanni, Francesco; Russo, Alessio
309-314 Kelly's theorem from the duality of LP and Tychonoff's theorem.  Aversa, Vincenzo; Bhaskara Rao, K. P. S.
315-330 Quadratic convergence of monotone iterations of differential-algebraic equations.  Dąbrowicz-Tlałka, Anita; Jankowski, Tadeusz
331-341 Oscillation in second order linear delay differential equations with nonlinear impulses.  He, Zhimin; Ge, Weigao
343-359 Oscillation of solutions to neutral delay differential equations.  Kubiaczyk, Ireneusz; Saker, Samir H.
361-368 Subseries in Banach spaces.  Lahiri, Benoy Kumar; Das, Pratulananda
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