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Issue 2,  Volume 57, 2007 (Mathematica Slovaca)

[93]-106 Companion $d$-algebras.  Allen, P. J.; Kim, Hee Sik; Neggers, J.
[107]-118 Isometries and direct decompositions of pseudo MV-algebras.  Jasem, Milan
[119]-128 On BF-algebras.  Walendziak, Andrzej
[129]-140 Separating points of measures on effect algebras.  Avallone, Anna
[141]-156 The lower bound of number of solutions for the second order nonlinear boundary value problem via the root functions method.  Somora, Peter
[157]-170 Oscillatory and asymptotic behaviour of a nonlinear second order neutral differential equation.  Rath, Radhanath N.; Misra, Niyati; Padhy, Laxmi N.
[171]-178 On a class of difference sequences related to the $\ell ^p$ space defined by Orlicz functions.  Tripathy, Binod Chandra; Mahanta, Sabita
[179]-188 Vector valued paranormed statistically convergent double sequence spaces.  Tripathy, Binod Chandra; Sarma, Bipul
[189]-200 Quasi-uniform completions of partially ordered spaces.  Buhagiar, David; Telenta, Tanja
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