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first-countable; Fréchet-Urysohn; countably compact; closure-sensor; topological group; strong FU-sensor; pseudoopen mapping; side-base; $\omega $-Fréchet-Urysohn space
Some strong versions of the Fréchet-Urysohn property are introduced and studied. We also strengthen the concept of countable tightness and generalize the notions of first-countability and countable base. A construction of a topological space is described which results, in particular, in a Tychonoff countable Fréchet-Urysohn space which is not first-countable at any point. It is shown that this space can be represented as the image of a countable metrizable space under a continuous pseudoopen mapping. On the other hand, if a topological group $G$ is an image of a separable metrizable space under a pseudoopen continuous mapping, then $G$ is metrizable (Theorem 5.6). Several other applications of the techniques developed below to the study of pseudoopen mappings and intersections of topologies are given (see Theorem 5.17).
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