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weakly connected domination number; tree; stable graphs
A dominating set $D\subseteq V(G)$ is a {\it weakly connected dominating set} in $G$ if the subgraph $G[D]_w=(N_G[D],E_w)$ weakly induced by $D$ is connected, where $E_w$ is the set of all edges having at least one vertex in $D$. {\it Weakly connected domination number} $\gamma _w(G)$ of a graph $G$ is the minimum cardinality among all weakly connected dominating sets in $G$. A graph $G$ is said to be {\it weakly connected domination stable} or just $\gamma _w$-{\it stable} if $\gamma _w(G)=\gamma _w(G+e)$ for every edge $e$ belonging to the complement $\overline G$ of $G.$ We provide a constructive characterization of weakly connected domination stable trees.
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