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Issue 1,  Volume 59, 2009 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

1-22 On super vertex-graceful unicyclic graphs.  Lee, Sin-Min; Leung, Elo; Ng, Ho Kuen
23-37 A class of strong limit theorems for countable nonhomogeneous Markov chains on the generalized gambling system.  Wang, Kangkang
39-49 Properties of digraphs connected with some congruence relations.  Skowronek-Kaziów, J.
51-60 Results on $F$-continuous graphs.  Draganova, Anna
61-79 Existence, uniqueness and regularity of stationary solutions to inhomogeneous Navier-Stokes equations in $\Bbb R^n$.  Farwig, R.; Sohr, H.
81-94 Lower bounds for matrices on block weighted sequence spaces. I.  Lashkaripour, R.; Foroutannia, D.
95-100 Weakly connected domination stable trees.  Lemańska, Magdalena; Raczek, Joanna
101-128 The convergence space of minimal usco mappings.  Anguelov, R.; Kalenda, O. F. K.
129-144 Decomposition of bipartite graphs into closed trails.  Cichacz, Sylwia; Horňák, Mirko
145-158 Clean matrices over commutative rings.  Chen, Huanyin
159-171 A new characterization of ${\rm RBMO}(\mu )$ by John-Strömberg sharp maximal functions.  Hu, Guoen; Yang, Dachun; Yang, Dongyong
173-182 On potentially $K_5-H$-graphic sequences.  Hu, Lili; Lai, Chunhui; Wang, Ping
183-196 Projectability and weak homogeneity of pseudo effect algebras.  Jakubík, Ján
197-206 The equality cases for the inequalities of Oppenheim and Schur for positive semi-definite matrices.  Zhang, Xiao-Dong; Ding, Chang-Xing
207-220 On the structure of a Morse form foliation.  Gelbukh, I.
221-239 Indefinite numerical range of $3\times 3$ matrices.  Bebiano, N.; Providência, J. da; Teixeira, R.
241-247 A Generalization of Baer's Lemma.  Dunkum, Molly
249-271 Going down in (semi)lattices of finite Moore families and convex geometries.  Gabriela, Bordalo; Nathalie, Caspard; Bernard, Monjardet
273-284 Locally flat Banach spaces.  Johanis, Michal
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