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$K$-analytic space; web space; quasi-Suslin space
Some results about the continuity of special linear maps between $F$-spaces recently obtained by Drewnowski have motivated us to revise a closed graph theorem for quasi-Suslin spaces due to Valdivia. We extend Valdivia's theorem by showing that a linear map with closed graph from a Baire tvs into a tvs admitting a relatively countably compact resolution is continuous. This also applies to extend a result of De Wilde and Sunyach. A topological space $X$ is said to have a (relatively countably) compact resolution if $X$ admits a covering $\{A_{\alpha }\:\alpha \in \Bbb N^{\Bbb N}\}$ consisting of (relatively countably) compact sets such that $A_{\alpha }\subseteq A_{\beta }$ for $\alpha \leq \beta $. Some applications and two open questions are provided.
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