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Issue 4,  Volume 59, 2009 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

861-870 Minus total domination in graphs.  Xing, Hua-Ming; Liu, Hai-Long
871-878 Further properties of Azimi-Hagler Banach spaces.  Azimi, Parviz; Khodabakhshian, H.
879-907 Weak solutions to stochastic differential equations driven by fractional Brownian motion.  Šnupárková, J.
909-927 Holomorphy types and spaces of entire functions of bounded type on Banach spaces.  Fávaro, Vinícius V.; Jatobá, Ariosvaldo M.
929-941 Set vertex colorings and joins of graphs.  Okamoto, Futaba; Rasmussen, Craig W.; Zhang, Ping
943-955 Notes on monotone Lindelöf property.  Xu, Ai-Jun; Shi, Wei-Xue
957-973 Existence of positive solutions for singular four-point boundary value problem with a $p$-Laplacian.  Miao, Chunmei; Zhao, Junfang; Ge, Weigao
975-987 Topological invariants of isolated complete intersection curve singularities.  Pérez, V. H. Jorge; Hernandes, M. E.
989-997 Balanced path decomposition of $\lambda K_{n,n}$ and $\lambda K^*_{n,n}$.  Lee, Hung-Chih; Lin, Chiang
999-1003 The semiring of 1-preserving endomorphisms of a semilattice.  Ježek, Jaroslav; Kepka, Tomáš
1005-1017 Bounded linear functionals on the space of Henstock-Kurzweil integrable functions.  Lee, Tuo-Yeong
1019-1025 Statuses and branch-weights of weighted trees.  Lin, Chiang; Shang, Jen-Ling
1027-1038 Some examples of continuous images of Radon-Nikodým compact spaces.  Arvanitakis, Alexander D.; Avilés, Antonio
1039-1058 On the uniqueness of an entire function sharing a small entire function with some linear differential polynomial.  Li, Xiao-Min; Yi, Hong-Xun
1059-1075 Potentially $K_m-G$-graphical sequences: A survey.  Lai, Chunhui; Hu, Lili
1077-1085 Cover matrices of posets and their spectra.  Anđelić, Milica; da Fonseca, C. M.
1087-1094 Pexider type operators and their norms in $X_{\lambda }$ spaces.  Najati, Abbas; Rassias, Themistocles M.
1095-1102 Matlis reflexive and generalized local cohomology modules.  Mafi, Amir
1103-1114 Comultiplication modules over a pullback of Dedekind domains.  Atani, Reza Ebrahimi; Atani, Shahabaddin Ebrahimi
1115-1122 A revised closed graph theorem for quasi-Suslin spaces.  Ferrando, J. C.; Kąkol, J.; Lopez Pellicer, M.
1123-1139 Abstract Riemann integrability and measurability.  de Amo, E.; del Campo, R.; Carrillo, M. Díaz
1141-1155 Two valued measure and summability of double sequences.  Das, Pratulananda; Bhunia, Santanu
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