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Issue 3,  Volume 133, 2008 (Mathematica Bohemica)

225-239 On the rational recursive sequence $ \ x_{n+1}=\Big ( A+\sum _{i=0}^k\alpha _ix_{n-i}\Big ) \Big / \sum _{i=0}^k\beta _ix_{n-i} $.  Zayed, E. M. E.; El-Moneam, M. A.
241-245 On strong starlikeness criteria of $p$-valent functions.  Chaurasia, V. B. L.; Parihar, Hari Singh
247-258 Asymptotic behaviour of solutions of third order nonlinear difference equations of neutral type.  Andruch-Sobiło, Anna; Drozdowicz, Andrzej
259-266 On $\Cal C$-starcompact spaces.  Song, Yan-Kui
267-288 Tribonacci modulo $p^t$.  Klaška, Jiří
289-298 $G$-space of isotropic directions and $G$-spaces of $ \varphi $-scalars with $G=O( n,1,\mathbb R) $.  Misiak, Aleksander; Stasiak, Eugeniusz
299-311 Modal operators on bounded residuated $\rm l$-monoids.  Rachůnek, Jiří; Šalounová, Dana
313-320 On a secant-like method for solving generalized equations.  Argyros, Ioannis K.; Hilout, Said
321-335 On vector functions of bounded convexity.  Veselý, Libor; Zajíček, Luděk
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