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Issue 1,  Volume 134, 2009 (Mathematica Bohemica)

1-17 Misclassified size-biased modified power series distribution and its applications.  Hassan, Anwar; Ahmad, Peer Bilal
19-30 Primeness and semiprimeness in posets.  Kharat, Vilas S.; Mokbel, Khalid A.
31-38 Oscillation of second order neutral delay differential equations.  Džurina, J.; Hudáková, D.
39-47 More general credibility models.  Atanasiu, Virginia
49-58 On calculation of zeta function of integral matrix.  Janáček, Jiří
59-65 On forbidden configuration of $0$-distributive lattices.  Joshi, Vinayak
67-76 Stability processes of moving invariant manifolds in uncertain impulsive differential-difference equations.  Stamov, Gani Tr.
77-86 Nearly antipodal chromatic number $ac'(P_n)$ of the path $P_n$.  Kola, Srinivasa Rao; Panigrahi, Pratima
87-98 Operators on Lorentz sequence spaces.  Arora, S. C.; Datt, Gopal; Verma, Satish
99-110 Classifying trees with edge-deleted central appendage number 2.  Stalder, Shubhangi; Eroh, Linda; Koker, John; Moghadam, Hosien S.; Winters, Steven J.
111-112 Book Reviews.  
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