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Issue 2,  Volume 134, 2009 (Mathematica Bohemica)

113-120 A characterization of commutative basic algebras.  Chajda, Ivan
121-131 On Riesz homomorphisms in unital $f$-algebras.  Chil, Elmiloud
133-149 Optimal sublinear inequalities involving geometric and power means.  Wen, Jiajin; Cheng, Sui Sun; Gao, Chaobang
151-164 Compatible mappings of type $(\beta)$ and weak compatibility in fuzzy metric spaces.  Jain, Shobha; Jain, Shishir; Jain, Lal Bahadur
165-171 Mean value theorems for divided differences and approximate Peano derivatives.  Mukhopadhyay, S. N.; Ray, S.
173-182 Blaschke product generated covering surfaces.  Barza, Ilie; Ghisa, Dorin
183-190 On relatively almost Lindelöf subsets.  Song, Yankui
191-209 The multiset chromatic number of a graph.  Chartrand, Gary; Okamoto, Futaba; Salehi, Ebrahim; Zhang, Ping
211-215 A note on the three-segment problem.  Doležal, Martin
217-221 A characterization of $C^{1,1}$ functions via lower directional derivatives.  Bednařík, Dušan; Pastor, Karel
223-224 Book Reviews.  
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