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Issue 6,  Volume 46, 2010 (Kybernetika)

Special Issue: Quantum structures, states and related topics

931-934 Editorial: Quantum structures, states and related topics.  
935-947 Mac Neille completion of centers and centers of Mac Neille completions of lattice effect algebras.  Kalina, Martin
948-952 Every uniformly Archimedean atomic MV-effect algebra is sharply dominating.  Olejček, Vladimír
953-970 Almost orthogonality and Hausdorff interval topologies of atomic lattice effect algebras.  Paseka, Jan; Riečanová, Zdenka; Wu, Junde
971-981 On the structure of numerical event spaces.  Dorfer, Gerhard; Dorninger, Dietmar; Länger, Helmut
982-995 Quantum logics and bivariable functions.  Drobná, Eva; Nánásiová, Oĺga; Valášková, Ĺubica
996-1008 Compatibility and central elements in pseudo-effect algebras.  Vitolo, Paolo
1009-1024 Fuzzification of crisp domains.  Frič, Roman; Papčo, Martin
1025-1048 On fuzzification of the notion of quantaloid.  Solovyov, Sergey A.
1049-1060 Some new results about Brooks-Jewett and Dieudonné-type theorems in $(l)$-groups.  Boccuto, Antonio; Candeloro, Domenico
1061-1068 Quantum Bochner theorems and incompatible observables.  Hudson, Robin L.
1069-1077 DUCS copulas.  Mesiar, Radko; Pekárová, Monika
1078-1097 $T$-extension as a method of construction of a generalized aggregation operator.  Lebedinska, Julija
1098-1107 The Choquet integral as Lebesgue integral and related inequalities.  Mesiar, Radko; Li, Jun; Pap, Endre
1108-1121 Analytical derivation of time spectral rigidity for thermodynamic traffic gas.  Krbálek, Milan
1122-1137 Formula for unbiased bases.  Kibler, Maurice R.
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