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Issue 1,  Volume 19, 2011 (Communications in Mathematics)

1-9 On the diophantine equation $x^2+5^k17^l=y^n$.  Pink, István; Rábai, Zsolt
11-25 General theory of Lie derivatives for Lorentz tensors.  Fatibene, Lorenzo; Francaviglia, Mauro
27-56 Several examples of nonholonomic mechanical systems.  Swaczyna, Martin
57-72 On D’Alembert’s Principle.  Bates, Larry M.; Nester, James M.
73-84 Gradient estimates for a nonlinear equation $\Delta_fu+cu^{-\alpha}=0$ on complete noncompact manifolds.  Zhang, Jing; Ma, Bingqing
85-88 Book Review.  Mestdag, Tom
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