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Issue 2,  Volume 19, 2011 (Communications in Mathematics)

89-90 Editorial.  Kozma, László
91-128 Homogeneous variational problems: a minicourse.  Saunders, David J.
129-136 About boundary terms in higher order theories.  Fatibene, Lorenzo; Francaviglia, Mauro; Mercadante, Silvio
137-147 Tangent Lie algebras to the holonomy group of a Finsler manifold.  Muzsnay, Zoltán; Nagy, Péter T.
149-168 Conformal vector fields on Finsler manifolds.  Szilasi, József; Tóth, Anna
169-178 A geometric analysis of dynamical systems with singular Lagrangians.  Havelková, Monika
179-206 Variational formulations I: Statics of mechanical systems.  Tulczyjew, Włodzimierz M.
207-210 Book Review.  Dittrich, Jaroslav
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