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Issue 4,  Volume 61, 2011 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

873-880 Order bounded orthosymmetric bilinear operator.  Chil, Elmiloud
881-888 Hausdorff dimension of the maximal run-length in dyadic expansion.  Zou, Ruibiao
889-900 A note on the mean value of the general Kloosterman sums.  Yao, Weili
901-908 Some characterizations of weakly compact operator on Banach lattices.  Aqzzouz, Belmesnaoui; Bouras, Khalid
909-916 On Lehmer's problem and Dedekind sums.  Pan, Xiaowei; Zhang, Wenpeng
917-921 An identity between the determinant and the permanent of Hessenberg-type matrices.  da Fonseca, Carlos Martins
923-940 Compact embeddings of Besov spaces involving only slowly varying smoothness.  Caetano, António; Gogatishvili, Amiran; Opic, Bohumír
941-974 Uncertainty principles for the Weinstein transform.  Mejjaoli, Hatem; Salhi, Makren
975-992 Independent axiom systems for nearlattices.  Araújo, João; Kinyon, Michael
993-1005 On Volterra composition operators from Bergman-type space to Bloch-type space.  Jiang, Zhi Jie
1007-1016 Triple automorphisms of simple Lie algebras.  Wang, Dengyin; Yu, Xiaoxiang
1017-1022 On totalization of the Kurzweil-Henstock integral in the multidimensional space.  Sarić, Branko
1023-1036 The cubic mapping graph for the ring of Gaussian integers modulo $n$.  Wei, Yangjiang; Nan, Jizhu; Tang, Gaohua
1037-1047 On chirality groups and regular coverings of regular oriented hypermaps.  Breda d'Azevedo, Antonio; Rodrigues, Ilda Inácio; Fernandes, Maria Elisa
1049-1061 A note on transitively $D$-spaces.  Peng, Liang-Xue
1063-1076 Order reduction of the Euler-Lagrange equations of higher order invariant variational problems on frame bundles.  Brajerčík, Ján
1077-1090 Bar-invariant bases of the quantum cluster algebra of type $A^{(2)}_2$.  Chen, Xueqing; Ding, Ming; Sheng, Jie
1091-1106 Several comments on the Henstock-Kurzweil and McShane integrals of vector-valued functions.  Naralenkov, Kirill
1107-1134 Second order linear $q$-difference equations: nonoscillation and asymptotics.  Řehák, Pavel
1135-1140 Derivations with Engel conditions in prime and semiprime rings.  Huang, Shuliang
1141-1167 Concentrated monotone measures with non-unique tangential behavior in $\mathbb{R}^3$.  Černý, Robert; Kolář, Jan; Rokyta, Mirko
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