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Issue 3,  Volume 61, 2011 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

577-607 Some algebraic properties of hypergraphs.  Emtander, Eric; Mohammadi, Fatemeh; Moradi, Somayeh
609-622 Dual spaces of local Morrey-type spaces.  Gogatishvili, Amiran; Mustafayev, Rza
623-639 A class of tight framelet packets.  Lu, Da-Yong; Fan, Qi-Bin
641-652 Characterizations of some rings with $\mathcal {C}$-projective, $\mathcal {C}$-(FP)-injective and $\mathcal {C}$-flat modules.  Yan, Xiao Guang; Zhu, Xiao Sheng
653-672 Representations of étale Lie groupoids and modules over Hopf algebroids.  Kališnik, Jure
673-686 On the maximal operator of Walsh-Kaczmarz-Fejér means.  Goginava, Ushangi; Nagy, Károly
687-690 A cancellative amenable ascending union of nonamenable semigroups.  Donnelly, John
691-706 Existence of solutions for abstract neutral integro-differential equations with unbounded delay.  Hernández, Eduardo M.; O'Regan, Donal
707-720 Some remarks on the Akivis algebras and the Pre-Lie algebras.  Chen, Yuqun; Li, Yu
721-731 The $\bar {\partial }$-Neumann operator on Lipschitz $q$-pseudoconvex domains.  Saber, Sayed
733-742 On typically real functions which are generated by a fixed typically real function.  Sobczak-Kneć, Magdalena; Trąbka-Więcław, Katarzyna
743-758 A note on maximal estimates for stochastic convolutions.  Veraar, Mark; Weis, Lutz
759-769 A hybrid mean value related to certain Hardy sums and Kloosterman sums.  Guo, Xiaoyan; Zhang, Wenpeng
771-779 Isomorphic digraphs from powers modulo $p$.  Deng, Guixin; Yuan, Pingzhi
781-784 Every weakly initially ${\mathfrak m}$-compact topological space is ${\mathfrak m}$pcap.  Lipparini, Paolo
785-793 Factorization theorem for $1$-summing operators.  Ferrando, Irene
795-807 The fractional dimensional theory in Lüroth expansion.  Shen, Luming; Fang, Kui
809-825 Two valued measure and some new double sequence spaces in $2$-normed spaces.  Das, Pratulananda; Savas, Ekrem; Bhunia, Santanu
827-843 Statistical causality and adapted distribution.  Petrović, Ljiljana; Dimitrijević, Sladjana
845-861 Perfect compactifications of frames.  Baboolal, Dharmanand
863-871 Affine connections on almost para-cosymplectic manifolds.  Blaga, Adara M.
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