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Issue 2,  Volume 50, 2014 (Kybernetika)

173-174 Special issue: WUPES’12.  Vejnarová, Jiřina; Kratochvíl, Václav
175-188 The irrelevant information principle for collective probabilistic reasoning.  Adamčík, Martin; Wilmers, George
189-215 Standard and nonstandard representability of positive uncertainty orderings.  Capotorti, Andrea; Coletti, Giulianella; Vantaggi, Barbara
216-233 Calculations of graded ill-known sets.  Inuiguchi, Masahiro
234-245 Scaling of model approximation errors and expected entropy distances.  Montúfar, Guido F.; Rauh, Johannes
246-267 A comparison of evidential networks and compositional models.  Vejnarová, Jiřina
268-283 Degradation in probability logic: When more information leads to less precise conclusions.  Wallmann, Christian; Kleiter, Gernot D.
284-295 Discriminating between causal structures in Bayesian Networks given partial observations.  Moritz, Philipp; Reichardt, Jörg; Ay, Nihat
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